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Air Conditioner Energy Saving Tips

Air Conditioner Energy Saving Tips

Air Conditioner Energy Saving Tips

As the spring and summer months approach, so does the heat. While our residential AC repair professionals love the change of weather, it is important to be mindful of energy consumption from our air conditioners. Our AC service professionals share some air conditioning energy-saving tips instead of cranking up your AC this year.

Set Thermostat Settings High When Not Home

When you leave for work or go out for errands, set your thermostat settings to a higher temperature to conserve energy. When you return home, you can set the thermostat settings to the desired temperature to keep your home cool. Consider purchasing a Smart Thermostat so you can control it from a phone, tablet, or smart speaker. Our professional AC installation company believes that one of the benefits of a Smart Thermostat is energy efficiency.

Invest in Curtains or Window Shades

A simple way to maintain air conditioning energy efficiency without breaking the bank is to keep the sun out of your home with curtains or window shades. By keeping the sun out, you can keep your home or business cool without cranking up the thermostat settings.

Use Ceiling Fans

A simple solution to save energy at home is to keep the ceiling fans on. This simple solution helps your air conditioning unit be energy efficient. Ceiling fans consume less energy than other fans.

Keep Air Filters Clean

Regularly changing or cleaning your air filters clean is one of the most convenient ways to conserve energy from your air conditioning unit. The purpose of an air filter is to keep dust and debris from your AC unit. When your air filter is clogged, your air conditioner has to work harder and consume more energy to run properly. To keep your home cool without compromising energy efficiency, learn when and how to change your AC filter.

Maintain an AC Maintenance Schedule

One of the most important tips for conserving energy from your air conditioning unit is maintaining a consistent AC maintenance schedule. Especially if your home or business has an older air conditioning unit, an AC maintenance inspection can improve your air conditioning unit’s performance. Our AC maintenance professionals inspect units for lost connections, debris, refrigerant levels, and more to maintain your AC unit’s efficiency. If your AC unit is properly maintained, you will be able to save energy at home.

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