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York AC Repair

More than Just a Way to Cool the Home

There is a common misconception among homeowners these day. The thought is that as long as the air conditioning unit is functioning adequately that things are ok. The truth is, however, that simply having an adequate running unit is not enough. A unit that is maintained properly throughout its life is much more beneficial to the homeowner. A/C contractors the world over will tell any homeowner that maintaining the system regularly will show small problems before they turn into large issues and having a record of regular maintenance can even add value to your home. New buyers will want to know how well the systems were kept up and having that record available to them will give them more confidence in the home making them more willing to pay a higher price. York air conditioner sales have gone through the roof in recent years and this company is at the forefront of the industry in both sales as well as maintenance. Here is just a little about the reliable and affordable York AC service brands.

Their Products

York maintains two different series of air conditioning systems designed to accommodate a wide range of different needs. The LX series has a lot more options for the budget minded consumer and the Affinity series offers the utmost in energy efficiency. Choosing which series to use is all about how much you are willing or able to pay for the upfront unit along with the available space where the system will sit outside the home. Your local residential AC contractor can advise you on which York air conditioning service and products are right for your home.

TCHE – There are some home owners who have plenty of space for their unit to sit comfortably outside. Other homeowners however must contend with close proximity neighbors and strict restrictions on where they can have their unit located. The TCHE air conditioners are perfect for tight, restricted spaces. The unit allows for the interior fan to be located on the side of the system instead of the top. The location of the fan enables the profile of the unit to be much thinner than is standard. York A/C maintenance specialists enjoy the configuration as more of the components are easy to maintain.

YCJF – This model is another AC unit in the LX series. The SEER rating is a bit lower at 14, but the features of this high performance technology that enables the unit to be very easy to maintain. The energy savings is 10% of the previous models in the series and the noise is kept low through a sound blanket around the compressor. The whisper quiet technology allows you to rest in the cool of your home without the loud, interruptive noise of some other units. Maintaining the YCIF is easy with the help of a licensed York A/C maintenance specialist.

YXV – Energy efficiency is quite important and the Affinity series from York offers homeowners whisper quiet units that maintain affordability throughout their lifetime. The YXV is the highest rated system in the series with SEER rating of 20. The system adjusts perfectly to outdoor and indoor temperatures and the fan slows down when needed to maximize energy efficiency. The unit is easily maintained by your local residential AC contractor and the ease of access to the internal parts will be very appreciated by you York air conditioning service professional.

Common Problems

Some AC manufacturers do not stand behind their product. They offer the minimum warranty and once the warranty is gone, the units tend to fail. York is a company that ensures that the products the produce are top of the line. They work to ensure that the units are easy to maintain so York A/C maintenance professionals do not have a problem working on them. However, like with all air conditioners on the market today, there are some common issues that can happen during the warranty period. There have been a number of reports of the drain system clogging and backing up into the unit as well as the coils failing from time to time. By regularly scheduling your York air conditioner service appointments, many of the issues will be avoided.

Who to Call?

From time to time your York AC unit will require maintenance and finding the right person to do the job is key. We are All Brands Corp and we are the experts you have been waiting for. From time to time your York AC unit will require maintenance and finding the right person to do the job is key. We are All Brands Corp and we are the experts you have been waiting for, for your York A/C repair, maintenance, and service. Give us the opportunity to prove to you that we are the best HVAC contractors for your residential air conditioning needs. All Brands Corp can also replace your current unit with our York air conditioner sales team. We service and sell all brands of A/C units so call us today or visit our website for more information.