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Westinghouse AC Repair

High Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems for How You Live

Finding the right AC unit for the home can be quite a task. One of the best solutions however is to ask your local residential air conditioning contractor for advice. They all have their preferred brands, but when it comes to the maximum amount of energy efficiency, Westinghouse is the brand that most of them will recommend. Westinghouse AC unit maintenance professionals prefer the brand primarily for their durability, but also for the fact that they are manufactured to be easy for repair. The company stands behind their products, and homeowners love the efficiency of the units.

Their Products

Westinghouse is a trusted air conditioning company because the units they produce have proven to stand the test of time. All units leaving the factory undergo an extensive review and are checked an impressive 144 different times before being shipped out to the Westinghouse AC sales representatives throughout the country. The company maintains a wide range of available systems for the homeowner, but when shopping around, make sure you choose a unit that is built for where you live. Your local Westinghouse A/C service professional or HVAC contractor can advise on the best systems for the region you live in.

ES6BF – Space is often an important factor for many home owners. Some homes are built on tight lots with little outdoor space for large units. The ES6BF is a compact unit that can practically be put anywhere making it an excellent option for the space conscious home owner. The exterior features galvanized steel that stands up the varying weather conditions, so there is no risk of corrosion of the galvanized areas of the unit. Maintaining the unit is easy for the Westinghouse air conditioner repair men as it has been designed to open up for easy access to all components. The ES6BF is the perfect mix of an affordable cooling option and energy efficiency at its best with a SEER rating of 16.

AFUE Westinghouse iQ Drive – For those that have space issues on the inside of the home rather than the outside, the AFUE is the optimal solution. This gas/electric package unit offers the ability to do away with the interior AC systems that are common today. The entire unit is placed outside the home which makes for easy access for the Westinghouse AC maintenance specialist. This unit offers the homeowner an impressive 20 SEER rating for maximum energy efficiency and noise control packaging so your home can stay cool, but you do not have to worry about noise pollution ruining a quiet afternoon.

P8 SE – Strong and durable units are not just important for keeping the home cool. They are also important for the exterior packaging of the unit. A little known fact about air conditioning systems is that debris from mowing the lawn or kids hitting the unit with toys can do damage to the interior components. The P8 SE has been manufactured to be among the most durable units within the Westinghouse air conditioning sales bracket with a strong exterior along with interior coil protection. This unit will cool your home throughout the season and with a SEER rating of 14, will keep costs at a minimum as well.

Common Westinghouse AC Repair Issues

Westinghouse air conditioner service reviews are quite mixed. For the most part, customers are quite happy with the service, durability, and warranty on the systems, but there have been some complaints. The largest number of complaints about the company have to do with the fan motors going out within a few years of installation. Other problems that plague the company are in regard to some of the older units maintaining coil issues throughout their life. Every air conditioning company has their problems, but homeowners can combat these issues by having a licensed Westinghouse air conditioner maintenance professional service the unit. Regular inspections of the unit can reveal underlying small issues that can be fixed before larger problems arise.

Where to Turn

Finding the right AC contractor to maintain the unit can be difficult as there are many options, but the best solution is to go with the one with the best reputation for both customers service and knowledge of the air conditioning industry as a whole. Simply relying on any Westinghouse AC unit repair service is misguided, but All Brands Corp AC has the best reputation and services all brands of air conditioning systems. You may have used other services in the past, but until you have used All Brands Corp AC, you have not tried the best. Visit our website or call us today for all of your A/C needs.