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Trane AC Repairs

Why it is So Hard to Stop a Trane

When you think of air conditioning systems, one of the first name that often comes to mind is Trane. We are all familiar with their television ads that claim that it is hard to stop a Trane. That means a lot to consumers as cooling costs can be quite expensive during the summer months. Trane offers a wide range of products to fit with any residential needs.

Available Trane Units

Some air conditioner manufacturers have a wide range of products of all types. They offer different types of products for residential use and that can take the focus away from air conditioning system. Where it is a good idea to diversify the available products in some instances, Trane has opted to remain loyal to the air conditioning genre. AC units are all that they do and they work diligently to produce quality products with every unit that comes across the assembly line. Here are just a few of the products offered by Trane.

XR 13 – Among the more inexpensive AC units offered by Trane are the XR-13 models. Trane AC repair is not something that a new unit will be a problem, but Trane air conditioning maintenance will be something that the customer will have to contend with from time to time. The XR-13 offers the dependability that you expect from Trane along with a SEER rating of 14.5. The SEER rating might seem a bit low since they can go up to 30, but it is important to remember that the lowest rating available for the United States is 13 and so our standards of energy efficiency are quite high compared to other areas around the world. The XR-14, XR-16, XR16I are available with slightly higher SEER ratings.

XR 16 Low Profile – Tight spaces are often a problem for A/C contractors and home owners. When space is limited, the standard type of Trane air conditioner service is not applicable. The units are often too large and bulky for the small spaces in large cities with limited yard space. The answer is simple. The XR-16 Low Profile gives the homeowner the substantial SEER rating of 17, but does not take up the larger amount of space that the standard unit would.

XV 18 – The need for a high efficiency air conditioning system is always apparent and when you talk to your Trane AC sales rep, they will ask you about the climate that you live in. Depending on where you live will impact what unit is best for the home. The XV 18 is the unit of choice for most individuals as it maintains a high SEER rating of 18 while being a highly effective way to cool the home. It is among the more expensive models, but when you account for how much money will be saved on utility bills, the savings more than make up for the additional up front cost.

XV20i Variable Speed – The unit that you choose has a lot of factors to think about and if you want only the best in every way for your home. The XV20i is the Trane air conditioner sales unit of choice. This is the top of the line for the brand in so many ways. With the highest SEER rating available for the models offered by Trane at 21, the XV20i ensures that your home remains as cool as you want it to be. It also has the added benefit of a high efficiency filter unit that perfectly cleans the air coming into the home keeping out pollen, dust, and a variety of other irritants that can be harmful to sensitive individuals. If anyone on the home suffers from lung ailments, such as asthma or COPD, this is the unit to invest in especially when the pollen count reaches harmful levels outside

Common Trane A/C Maintenance Issues

No matter how well an air conditioning system is built, it will have certain parts that tend to go out more than others. With Trane units, the most common problem experienced by customers is issues related to the expansion valve, capacitor, and the evaporator coil. The good news however, is that the long life of the Trane and the exceptional warranty on new units often covers these repairs. All you need is a licensed HVAC contractor to take care of the issue.

Who to Turn To

It can be quite difficult to know who to turn to when your AC unit is simply not running as it should. Trane air conditioner maintenance is easy when you have a company that cares about their customers. All Brands Corp is the only name you need to know for all air conditioning service needs. They offer Trane AC repair, maintenance, and service to their customers and when it comes time to retire that old unit, All Brands Corp can provide you with expert Trane air conditioner sales as well. The motto of the company might be that you cannot stop a Trane, but when it is in need of repair or replacement, All Brands Corp is the name you need to remember. Call us or visit our website today for more information on servicing your Trane or any other brand name AC unit you have.