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Rheem AC Service

Trusted, Reliable Air Conditioning Units

Cooling a home during the throws of summer can be quite difficult. The standard AC unit cannot keep up with the demand and require the skilled hand of an HVAC contractor from time to time. When you think of AC units today, there are many names that come to mind, but one of the most well known entities in the industry is also one of the oldest. Founded in 1930, Rheem has been providing homes and businesses with reliable heating and cooling systems with quality products and serviceable units that are easily maintained by local Rheem AC maintenance specialists throughout the world.

Their Products

Unlike some companies that hide behind a well established brand name, Rheem products are made to last for many years and having a trusted Rheem air conditioner repair service at your disposal will mean that with careful and regular maintenance, the unit will last far past the original warranty. Rheem does carry a wide range of other household products, but it is their AC systems that have been the benchmark product of the brand. Here are just some of the highly efficient air conditioning systems the company has on the market today.

RA20 – Among the top of the line products in the Rheem lineup is the RA20. This unit is a part of the prestige series offering the best in energy efficiency. The RA20 is a slightly more compact AC unit that many other styles and can be placed in a service area that is merely 27”. Air conditioner contractors enjoy the ease of installation as the size makes it possible to install the system most anywhere outside. Consumers might be a bit put off by the upfront costs as this is one of the more expensive units, but the SEER 20 rating that the system maintains makes up for the additional costs in energy efficiency.

RA 16 –  Sometimes, the additional money for an energy efficient unit simply is not there. Rheem air conditioner repair men understand this and work with customers to find the perfect balance. The RA 16 fits the bill perfectly with a budget friendly cost along with a 16 SEER rating. The added bonus of this system is that it utilizes a scroll compressor which might not sound like an advantage to the untrained eye, but the scroll compressor offers 70% fewer moving parts making your Rheem AC service, maintenance, and repair much easier for your residential A/C contractor.

RA-13 – The previous model is a good mix of value and energy efficiency, but when the budget is extremely tight and you need your home cooled off, the RA-13 is the solution for you. The 13 SEER rating is not something to be concerned with as these days, even the lower rated systems offer spectacular value. This unit offers all of the features you and your AC contractor will love including scroll compressor and easy access to the interior components with just two screws to remove to access for Rheem A/C maintenance.

Common Problems with Rheem Units

Issues will arise from time to time and that is when you call your local Rheem AC repair service. Like brands of air conditioners, Rheem does have some issues that are common in their product. For new units, much of the costs are handled without out of pocket expenses through the available warranty on the unit. For older unite, the smart design of the systems makes simple maintenance a breeze for a license AC contractor.

The most common complaints of the systems have to do with the noise actually coming from the unit. Some of the newer units do utilize quieting technology, but if you have an older Rheem unit, there is little that can be done to dampen the noise. Another common complaint is that the compressors go out from time to time. The compressor can be an expensive part, but your Rheem air conditioner service specialist can advise whether it is more affordable to replace the compressor or invest in a new unit.

Who to Call

Homeowners have a lot to think about with home repairs, but when the air conditioning is out, that becomes top priority. You do not want to be scouring for a service to fix the unit at the last minute. Continual maintenance on an air conditioning system will show any potential small issues before they turn into huge, and expensive problems. There are many A/C contractors to choose from, but when you need the best Rheem air conditioner repair, service, and maintenance, there is none better than Al Brands Corp. We service all Rheem models along with any other brand of AC unit. Give us a call today or visit us online. All Brands Corp has the experience you need to keep your home cool all season long.