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Mitsubishi AC Maintenance

Cool the Home How You Want To

Mitsubishi is a company that has been around for a long time and had their hand in everything from electronics to vehicles, but one of their most notable accomplishments is making air conditioning systems that are designed to be both affordable and highly energy efficient. They make cooling the home a priority in their products and are always looking for more convenient and affordable ways to get the job done. Mitsubishi air conditioner sales are soaring these days as their commitment to their customers grows. Innovative products that work perfectly are what the Mitsubishi company is all about.


With most A/C companies, there is a clear cut model for their products. They either offer an all in one unit that supplies a constant stream of cool air to the entire home or they offer simple smaller units designed to only cool a portion or room in a home. Mitsubishi does things a bit differently and the HVAC contractors that install the units praise the company for their commitment to quality products. Here are just some of the innovative AC systems available today.

Indoor Wall Mounted Units – The sleek modern look is a concept that has gone crazy these days. Instead of large bulky units taking up space on the outside of the home. Homeowners are choosing to cool individual rooms in the home with small wall mounted units. The units offered by Mitsubishi can be mounted on the wall to maintain the temperature of an individual room. It takes away the need for duct work and can be remotely controlled. These energy efficient units not only come in a single zone capacity, but can be installed in a multi-zone format as well. Mitsubishi air conditioner service professionals tend to utilize these types of units in homes that have cold or hot spot rooms and in nightly rental units that are not always going to be used every day. The lack of an outdoor unit is a theft deterrent in these situations.

Ceiling Cassette – Wall space and outdoor space sometimes comes at a premium in many places and when the space is limited, it can be quite difficult to find space to put in the cooling appliances needed. Mitsubishi air conditioning services understands that all spaces can be utilized on the inside of a home and therefore they offer ceiling cassettes. These units offer cool air from the ceiling and take up minimal space. They are perfect for a small room or throughout the home as an effective means of maintaining climate control in the hot months. Both standard and drop ceilings are able to support the cassette system, so most home owners can benefit. The units are also highly regarded by residential AC contractors everywhere as they are remarkably easy to install and maintain.

Horizontal Ducted – One of the main reasons that air conditioning units are so cumbersome to repair often lies with the duct work. The traditional duct work takes up most of the space beneath the floor or in the case of an overhead duct system, all of the storage area in an attic. Mitsubishi air conditioner service contractors are using the horizontal ducted systems to save space while not impacting the energy efficiency of the units. The system offers low profile horizontal designed ducts that can be mounted at the top of a home or in the crawl space beneath.

Common Problems with Mitsubishi

Online reviews of companies are excellent ways to determine what products to purchase. Mitsubishi is a company that has been around for a long time and the reviews of their products show that there is a number of issues regarding the compressors in their large scale units. Another issue that many customers report are the pumps in the unit as well. There is however no need to worry if you choose this brand. The key is to find an exceptional air conditioner contractor to help with Mitsubishi AC repair and maintenance.

Who to Turn To?

No matter what type of air conditioning unit you choose or the brand purchased, there will always be a need to maintain and service the unit. All Brands Corp is the expert A/C contractor you have been looking for. We service all brands of air conditioning units for our customers and our Mitsubishi air conditioner service is the best around. Give us the opportunity to prove to you that we are the best. Check out our website and call us for your next AC service or repair. All Brands Corp stands behind the work they perform and will keep your unit running with exceptional service for a long time. When it is time for a new one, we offer Mitsubishi AC sales as well as the sale of any other brand of unit you need.