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Maytag AC Maintenance

Products for Every Need

There are quite a few air conditioning companies on the market today offering every style of unit imaginable, but few have impacted the industry quite like Maytag. When you think of most any appliance, Maytag is one of the first names that likely come to min. Maytag AC sales have soared in recent years due to the company’s commitment to quality and customer service record. Today, residential air conditioning is not just a luxury, but a true need with temperatures soaring higher each year. For the happiness of your family, ensure that your cooling unit is running perfectly with help from your local HVAC contractor and a trusted unit from Maytag.


Cooling a home is a complicated task. It is not so much the unit that you have to worry about, but the square footage of the home as well as the outdoor space that is there to set the unit outside the home. Maytag manufactures a wide range of various types of air conditioning systems to fit every need. No matter if you have limited space and require a smaller, but still powerful unit, or if you have a large home requiring a larger than average unit, Maytag has you covered. Here is just a small selection of the Maytag AC service units the company offers.

M 1200 – The top of the line product in the Maytag air conditioning lineup is the M 1200. This model is among the more expensive A/C units, but it does save significantly on your cooling bills each month. The innovative design has proven to reduce cooling expenses as much as 49%. Another aspect of this unit that tends to draw in customers is the fact that the system has been designed to run remarkably quiet for such a large unit. That can be especially important for those that are known to be light sleepers or have close proximity neighbors. The M 1200 is energy star rated and maintains a 20 SEER rating as well.

R8 HE – For those that have plenty of space outside the home for a larger air conditioning system, the R8 HE is a very good choice. The two-stage model and unlike other units of this size, the R8 HE was built to maximize efficiency without maximizing noise. This style of unit tends to be much more affordable as it only has a SEER rating of 14, but that should not be a worry for the homeowner because even with a lower rating, this unit offers the utmost in energy efficiency to lower monthly bills. The R-410A gas pack is utilized in this system as well for a more eco friendly solution to replace the R-22. Your Maytag AC maintenance professional can easily access the interior features of the unit to keep it running smooth for a very long time.

M120 – Space can be a factor when it comes properly securing an outdoor air conditioning system. For those who have limited space, but still want to have an affordable unit, the M120 offers the solution. This unit is smaller than average and maintains a corrosion resistant exterior and stainless steel jacket for maximum strength against the outdoor elements. As with all Maytag air conditioning service units, the M120 undergoes a 144 point inspection before leaving the factory and carries a 12 year warranty.

Common Problems with Maytag

The Maytag air conditioning systems have been reviewed by customers throughout the world and they have fared far better than other brands on the market. The only complaints from customers seem to be compressor related issues and the blower for the unit. With proper maintenance from a license Maytag AC repair, service, and maintenance company, you can expect your unit to last far past the 12 year warranty offered by the brand. As with all air conditioning units, monthly filter changes are the only requirement for the homeowner to keep the system running smoothly.

Who to Call?

Changing the filter is easy for the average homeowner, but very few happen to be AC contractors themselves, so it pays to have a company to back up your unit and keep it running throughout the season. Finding the right A/C contractor can be difficult, but All Brand Corp makes it easy. They are the premier Maytag air conditioning maintenance specialists you have been searching for. Not only do they service all Maytag units, they service any other brand of air conditioning system needed. Visit their website today and see that All Brands Corp is the professional air conditioner repair, maintenance, service, and sales professionals you have been searching for.