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Lennox Goodman

Lennox Goodman AC Service

Exceptional Quality with High Efficiency

There is nothing more comfortable than a cool home. When the temperatures outside reach the point where they seem to take your breath away, it is truly a breath of fresh air to walk into your home at the perfect temperature. These days, there are a lot of different air conditioning units to choose from, but one of the best rated brands on the market today is Lennox Goodman. Lennox Goodman AC sales are among the highest they have ever been as homeowners are looking toward the superior quality of the brand. Choices are many, but when you need a reliable and efficient product, ask you HVAC contractor to get you a Lennox Goodman air conditioner.


Lennox Goodman offers a wide range of air conditioning products to take care of any and all of their customer’s cooling needs. The units offered range from affordable and less energy efficient all the way up to the most expensive models offering the best in energy efficiency options. The choice is yours when it comes to what type of unit you prefer, but before making a purchase, it is always best to consult a licensed A/C contractor that has experience with Lennox Goodman air conditioner maintenance, service, and repairs.

14 ACX – Energy efficiency is important, but so is price. The 14 ACX is on the more inexpensive side of the spectrum of Lennox Goodman AC units, but the 16 SEER rating that the unit maintains is quite attractive to customers. The unit utilizes Humiditol that enables the indoor air to feel much more comfortable even when the temperatures outdoors are unbearable. The 14 ACX offers the plenty of features and a comparable price noted in the many online reviews of this particular unit. The ML 14 XC1 and the 13 ACX are the other two options for the same series of systems.

XC 16 – If you want a little more energy efficiency the XC 16 is the frontrunner in the Elite Series offered by Lennox Goodman. These units are a bit more compact than the those mentioned above and offer 17.2 SEER rating to customers. The unit adjusts to the outdoor temperatures perfectly by allowing the fan to rotate according to the outdoor weather. On extremely hot days, the fan kicks things up a notch and runs at top speed. When the mercury is a bit lower, the fan slows down to keep energy efficiency at the fore front of its operation. Your residential AC contractor will tell you that this is the way to effectively heat and cool a home.

AC 25 – Every air conditioner provider will have their best option for customers. With Lennox Goodman air conditioner sales, that is the AC 25. Part of the Signature Series, this air conditioner will set you back the most money, but throughout its lifetime, it will save you the most money as well, so the up front cost is the only issue to really contend with. What makes this unit so competitive is the staggering 26 SEER rating. The max available for the rating is 30, so this is among the most efficient units on the market today.

Common Lennox Goodman A/C Maintenance Issues

Nothing is perfect and air conditioner companies will always have some type of maintenance issue that is common with their brand. With the Lennox Goodman brand the issues that are most common range from simple coil leaks in the coil all the way to extensive motor issues. These problems tend not to be a large issue as new units carry up to a 10 year warranty. Preventative maintenance is key in keeping your air conditioning unit working properly and therefore a Lennox Goodman repair service is essential. They can locate small issues before they become costly, large problems.

Where to Turn To

Saying that you need a licensed Lennox Goodman AC maintenance professional is the easy part. Finding one is where most people take issue. Where it is up to the homeowner to maintain the small aspects of the unit such as changing the filter and maintaining proper space around the outdoor unit, it takes a skilled hand to locate issues and maintain the actual unit properly. All Brands Corp is the only name you need to remember for all of your air conditioning maintenance needs. We take expert care to help customers with all aspects of air conditioning service. We service all brands of HVAC units including Lennox Goodman service, repair, and maintenance. When it comes time to replace your AC unit for a more energy efficient model, our Lennox Goodman A/C sales staff is here to help. We work with our customers to provide them with the best service and expert care for their unit. Give us the opportunity to prove to you that All Brands Corp is the licensed professionals you need for any air conditioner service. Visit our website today.