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Finding the right air conditioning system for your home can be quite a challenge. The general way to cool a home during the winter is with a central unit, but these units are often too much of an upfront expense for the homeowner and therefore, they have to look elsewhere for solutions. Glen Dimplex AC sales have risen substantially in the last few years as they offer the flexible air conditioning solutions that people throughout the world have been looking for.


Glen Dimplex is a global company that specializes in single room air conditioning solutions. These systems can work independently to cool a single room or tiny house, but they can also work in conjunction with larger systems for when a small space in the home, simply is not cool enough to be comfortable. Here are just a few of the products from the company that residential AC contractors are recommending for their clients.

DC09MINI – With a cooling capacity of 2.6 kW, the DC09MINI is the perfect solution for small rooms. Unlike other units that are bulky and can get in the way in tight quarters, this unit can be placed anywhere in the room for quick installation and a cool environment. The manual controls are easy to operate making the unit perfect for individuals that are technology challenge. Easy access panels for the unit offer your local Glen Dimplex A/C maintenance professional a quick and easy way to maintain the unit. The two year warranty offered by the company is just icing on the cake.

IntellifanCooling solutions come in a range of types. Often the solution to a cooling issue in a specific room is not with the lack of cool air coming into the space, but how the air is circulated. The standard AC unit can be limited depending on the shape and size of a room, but fans give the ability to circulate the existing air in a far more efficient way to cool the room effectively. The Intellifan is certainly not your everyday style of fan. It is an engineering marvel that does not simply direct the air in one area or rotate the direction of the fan through an oscillating system. This floor fan can change the direction of the fan 360 degrees automatically when it senses a person close to the fan.

Reverse Cycle Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier – Portable air conditioning systems are great ways to cool small spaces, but the cool air is not always enough. Even if it is moved around properly, the humidity can make a room feel uncomfortable. This unit gives you the ability to have it all in one convenient package. The unit is portable and there is no need for a hose or drip tray making this the ideal solution for those with limited space. The Reverse Cycle Portable Air Conditioner system maintains a 3.5 kW heating and cooling capacity, so it can be there for you in all seasons. Glen Dimplex air conditioning maintenance professionals love the convenience of this small unit and you will too.

Possible Glen Dimplex AC Repair Issues

Having an excellent A/C contractor at the ready is essential if you intend on keeping your air conditioning unit running smoothly all season long. Even with keeping the unit clear of debris and the filters changed regularly, Glen Dimplex AC maintenance is needed from time to time. The main complaint from customers about the units from this company is the noise from the systems cutting on and cutting off during the night. There is a night feature that is supposed to help reduce the noise, so make sure that the unit you choose has one. Glen Dimplex also offers a warranty for two years on their units, but even with the warranty, you need a specialized AC contractor as the parts are the only thing the warranty covers.

Where to Turn?

It can be easy to say that you need a licensed AC contractor, but finding one is not always so easy. Living in Florida, there are a lot of AC specialists, but not all of them have the experience necessary to work on every brand of unit. All Brands Corp AC is the only name you need to remember for all of your Glen Dimplex AC service, maintenance, service and sales needs. We not only service this brand, but every other brand of air conditioning system on the market today. Visit All Brands Corp AC today or give us a call and let us help you beat the heat all season long with expert AC services