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Fujitsu AC Services

Air Conditioning Solutions to Fit Your Life

Innovation is key if you intend on making it in today’s world and Fujitsu is at the forefront of the air conditioning industry. Where it is true there are more well known brands, Fujitsu is quickly making a name for itself in the AC industry. Fujitsu air conditioning sales are on the rise and commercial and residential HVAC contractors are recommending this brand to customers everywhere. Here is a bit more about what the company offers.


Fujitsu is a company that understands that homes are made differently. They come in a wide range of sizes and even some unconventional shapes and when you home is unconventional, you cooling system sometimes needs some adjusting. As more and more homes stray from the status quo, the need for innovative cooling systems grows as well. Fujitsu air conditioning service options put you in the driver’s seat and give you some of the options that other companies do not along with some familiar AC styles.

Single Room Mini Split Systems – The single room air conditioners from some brands do an adequate job of cooling a space, but apart from allowing cool air to move through the room, they have little attributes. The Fujitsu single room systems have much more to offer the home owner such as BTUs between 9,000 and 42,000 depending on the needs of the room and all are energy star rated systems, so there is no substantial drain on your wallet to run the system. The company offers the system in 11 different indoor styles to choose from including wall mounted, slim duct, floor models, and compact cassettes. Fujitsu single room mini split systems even have the ability to switch from cool to heat at the touch of a button. To ensure you get the right system for your home, be sure to contact your local Fujitsu AC maintenance professional for their advice.

Multi-Room Mini Split Systems – A large bulky air conditioning system on the exterior of the home is perfectly fine, if you have the space for it, but that is not always practical for those with a limited outdoor area. The multi-room mini split system enables you to be able to heat and cool the rooms in your home the way you need to. You can use the system in all rooms or in just the ones that are being used that da. It is an energy efficient solution for those that have the need of maximum space saving devices. These units are becoming more popular as more AC contractors encounter those with space saving needs.

Central Units – The most popular way to cool the home today is with central units. These units sit outside the home and utilize a duct system to cool the home efficiently. Those with the space outside to mount the unit along with areas for duct work to be ran, can greatly benefit from these systems from Fujitsu. High efficiency scroll compressors allow the units to operate relatively quiet and the SEER rating of 16 and higher ensure that the home owner can be comfortable without spending a lot of money monthly to do so. The company offers a 10 year warranty with every central unit they sell, but the warranty only covers parts so be sure to have a Fujitsu AC repair, maintenance, and service professional at the ready for any issues with the system.

Possible Fujitsu AC Repair Issues

Every brand of air conditioning system, no matter how well maintained and even checked before leaving the facility, can develop problems. With any AC unit, it is important to properly change or clean filters regularly and make sure that nothing is blocking air flow around the unit itself. Fujitsu is a company that stands firmly behind their products, both their commercial and residential systems, but some customers have reported issues with some of the systems. The main complaint is the noise from some of the units. This is generally fixed by purchasing a new pump for the system and having it installed by your Fujitsu AC service professional.

Where to Turn?

Investing in a new air conditioning system is an investment in the future of your home. Maintaining that unit is easy when you have someone working for you. All Brands Corp AC is the only name you need to remember if you are looking for licensed A/C contractors in your area. We work throughout the Florida area and provide quick, professional, and reliable service to all of our customers.  We are not only there to help you get your AC up and running again, we are also a trusted Fujitsu AC sales representative and can get you the system you need today. All Brands Corp AC works with all brands of AC units to provide customers with a trusted source to call on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Visit our website or call us today.