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Delonghi AC Services

Affordable Air Conditioning Solutions

Homes do not seem to be complete without some form of air conditioning system. That is especially the case in the southern United States where temperatures soar during the summer months. The most popular home AC solutions tend to be the central units which allow the temperature in the entire house to remain relatively stable. There is however another form of air conditioning that is quickly becoming a contender in the industry. The single room A/C systems allow for a small space to be cooled rather efficiently and the reason these units are taking off these days is due to the tiny home movement. People are moving into smaller home spaces to reduce their overall bills and their impact on the earth. Delonghi air conditioner sales have significantly increased during this time as their focus is on the one room AC systems.


The products offered by Delonghi are among the top rated single room air conditioning systems as each one undergoes countless testing before they are allowed to leave the facility. The units are small and easily moved from one room to another, so even if you have a large home with the standard central system, the units can be used in areas of the home that remain warmer than average or additions without duct work run into the area. Delonghi AC maintenance is a breeze as well, as the units utilize very few parts to do such an exceptional job.

C100E – The budget is always very important when trying to find the right AC unit for your home or room. The C100E operates very quietly so there is no loud motor noise as is the case with some single room AC units and the most convenient feature of this unit is the fact that it comes with a simple remote control so you do not have to get up and down to adjust the settings. The initial investment in this system minimal as it is the lowest priced unit within the Delonghi line up and your local residential AC contractor can perform routine maintenance on the unit to keep it running for years to come.

AN140EKF – Appliances of every type are becoming smarter these days and the AN140EKF is Delonghi’s addition to this trend. This model not only allows you to keep a single room perfectly temperature controlled, but there is no need to keep track of a remote control. The entire unit is fully controlled through an app on your smartphone. With three different modes to choose from, dehumidifier, cool, and fan, you can have the exact environment you need all the time. Delonghi AC sales for this model have grown substantially as it is highly advanced, but still maintains an excellent affordability aspect.

N130HPE – This unit is the top of the line for the Delonghi brand. It is the highest priced system available, but the features that come with it make it the best solution for both one room installation as well as being an entire system for tiny homes. Much time and attention has gone into the design of this model to ensure that it is everything the customer could want. It is remote controlled for easy use and the LED screen gives users optimal control. The N130HPE is also highly recommended by Delonghi AC service professionals everywhere as it functions as a heat pump as well providing you with both heating and cooling functions for year round comfort.

Possible Delonghi A/C Repair Issues

Even with the top of the line AC units in place, maintenance and repair service is a part of the package. With proper Delonghi AC maintenance, you can expect your system to last for many years, but you should be aware of possible issues with the brand. There have been a number of reports of the units being quite loud when running. Although the manufacturer claims that the units will run quietly, the reviews prove otherwise. Poor customer service is another complaint from many previous customers as well as the fact that the units quit working after just a few short years.

Where to Turn

You can purchase your new Delonghi AC unit from any number of different avenues, but having someone available who knows these systems inside and out is much more beneficial to your overall satisfaction with the unit. All Brands Corp AC is the leader in Delonghi A/C sales and not only do we sell and service this brand, but all other air conditioning systems on the market today. You might already have an AC contractor that you prefer, but we offer much more than just service. We can service, maintain, and repair any air conditioning system and when it comes time to purchase a new one, we can help with that too. Give us the chance to impress you with our expertise. Visit our website or call us today.


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