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Daikin AC Services

The Best AC Solutions for Your Family

Your family is your most prized possession and keeping them safe and comfortable is your top priority. Comfort is quite important in any home and the air conditioning system is the largest part of that. When the temperature is perfect inside the home, attitudes change and everyone just seems happier. There are a number of different cooling options for the home, but none seem to offer the expertise in true home comfort quite like Daikin. HVAC contractors everywhere are turning to Daikin AC services to keep their clients cool all season long.


Daikin air conditioners come in the variety that is right for the customer. Whether that is a single speed, double speed, or variable speed is up to you, but no matter what type you pick make sure that you consult a licensed Daikin AC service professional before making the final decision. As with most air conditioning companies today, the more you are willing to pay in upfront costs, the higher the SEER rating for the unit and the more it will save the customer over its lifetime. There is however, no bad decision when it comes to Daikin products as they stand firmly behind each one.

DX20VC – Households that are able to afford the higher upfront costs of the DX20VC get the opportunity to enjoy up to a 24 SEER rating for maximum energy efficiency. The size of the unit gives it the ability to fit within even the smallest outdoor areas and the heavy gauged steel construction offers the utmost in protection for the interior components. The unit runs on variable speed scroll and swing compressors which HVAC contractors agree are some of the smoothest and quietest running systems on the market today. Daikin AC maintenance is kept at a minimum as the units are built to last.

DX13SN – Affordability of a unit is extremely important to homeowners. The large upfront cost of a high efficiency unit can be a bit much for the average homeowner, but there is no need to worry about the efficiency of a unit if you cannot afford the top of the line. The DX13SN offers customers a 14 SEER rating which does enable the unit to be affordable with only sacrificing some of the energy efficiency. The same galvanized protective steel that is on the higher priced units are on this unit as well to offer the best protection from the elements.

DX16CT – The range of SEER ratings can go anywhere from 1 all the way to 30. Here in the United States, the minimum SEER rating available is 13, so even the lower rated units remain quite energy efficient. The DX16CT has a SEER rating of 16 which makes it the perfect mix of value and energy efficiency. This energy star rated unit offers a two stage scroll compressor that further emphasizes the energy rating of the unit. For those that want value throughout the life of the unit along with the comparable upfront costs, this might be the perfect unit for you. If you are still unsure about what is right for your home, consult your Daikin AC sales and service representative today.

Common Daikin AC Repair Issues

Repairs are often needed for air conditioning units, but with preventative maintenance, these repairs will be very minimal. For Daikin AC service calls, the most complaints are about the noise of the unit. The units are designed to run quietly, but vibrations often cause valve cracks and even cracks in the pipes resulting in leaks. Another complaint from the Daikin company comes from the customer service of Daikin itself. It is often best to find your own residential AC contractor when it comes to repairing your unit no matter what brand you choose. The companies work to maximize their bottom line, but the local Daikin A/C maintenance specialists, it is all about the needs of the customer and making sure the problem is fixed properly.

Where to Turn

Knowing who to trust for your air conditioning repair services can be difficult. Many companies claim to be the best but are plagued with a string of negative ratings from previous customers. All Brands Corp AC is a name that you can always trust for your air conditioning needs no matter what type of unit you have for your home. We are the experts you have been waiting for and whether you have a Daikin AC repair, service, or maintenance issue, or need repairs on any other brand of system we are there for you. Visit our website or call All Brands Corp AC today and let us give you piece of mind with expert repair professionals when you need them most.