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Carrier AC Repairs

The First and Still One of the Best

It is difficult to imagine for most people living in modern homes today to have no air conditioning blowing through the vents, but there was a time where AC was not an option. Carrier was the first company to offer air conditioning systems to homes and today they are still regarded as an industry leader. Carrier AC service comes with one of the best warranties around and their air conditioning sales are at the top of the industry today.

A Little History

With so many AC repair and sales companies on the market today, it pays to know at least a little bit about the history of the brand you choose. The name Carrier is derived from the man known as the Father of Air Conditioning, Willis Carrier. It was his invention of the first modern day AC unit in 1902 that started the revolution of a cool home environment. The previous devices to cool a home were generally only a rotating blade such as a fan to move the already hot air around. It was effective for already cool days, but the sweltering hot days of the summer were a true contender to be dealt with.

In 1902, Willis Carrier produced the first air conditioning system that did not simply push around existing air, but cooled the existing air blowing it into the room. The Carrier Company was born and the first conceptualization of the new device appeared in the 1954 August edition of Steelways magazine. Although systems had already been installed for many years by the Carrier company, this notification gave validity to the fact that Carrier AC service was the first in the industry.

What They Carry

Carrier is among the most known brands in the world for AC services. HVAC contractors throughout the world recommend this brand for their clients due to the high quality products that are offered. Some companies tend to offer merely one style of unit, but Carrier understands that there are a variety of different homes and business that are in need of air conditioning. Therefore, they offer a range of products that are designed for the building rather than a one size fits all mentality. Here are some of the most notable models.

Comfort Series – When people think of buying a new air conditioning unit of getting their Carrier AC serviced, they tend to wonder about price. Carrier offers their units in different price ranges. The most inexpensive units are found in the Comfort Series. These units maintain a SEER rating of between 13 which is the lowest available in the U.S. and 16. The models have limited features, but are still among the top systems available.

Performance Series – For a bit higher up on the SEER scale, the Performance series offers an excellent mix of economic prices along with increased efficiency. This series includes both the standard AC unit size along with the popular compact units that are used in areas where space is limited. Carrier A/C service and sales specialists can install these units quickly for a comfortable home environment.

Infinity Series – Ranking highest on the SEER scale for the Carrier brand, the Infinity Series is the highest price among all Carrier A/C sales units. The Infinity Series offers the highest in efficiency, so even if they cost a little more, you do get more of a rebate throughout the life of the unit on heating and cooling expenses.

Maintaining a Carrier

Maintaining your Carrier unit is something that is very important. Most maintenance on the unit is performed by the individual owner making sure the filters are changed monthly and ensuring that the thermostat is set at a good level for the home. From time to time however, a licensed residential AC contractor is needed. They can perform the routine maintenance such as fixing leaks and repairing the different parts of the unit. When the time comes to replace the existing unit, Carrier air conditioning repair men can also do that as well

Where to Go

There always comes a time in a homeowner’s life where their air conditioning unit is not working as it should. Carrier AC repair can be quite expensive from the original dealer and some repair services do not have the reputation to back up their claims of excellence. All Brands Corp is your number one resource for Carrier air conditioner maintenance, service, and repair. We have the experience in all types of air conditioning systems, not just Carrier. There are times when repairing and maintaining an old AC unit is just not enough. When the time comes that your unit is no longer adequate for your needs, we can instill a new and more energy efficient model for your home. Carrier AC sales, maintenance, service, and repair are a part of the package here at All Brands Corp. We are the ones to call when your home needs AC service in a hurry. Visit our website today and see how All Brands Corp can help you with your air conditioning needs today.