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Captive Aire

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For All Commercial Cooling Needs

Finding the right cooling system for the home can be a bit difficult as the homeowner has to account for all square footage of the interior space, but what is more complicated is purchasing a cooling system for a business. Businesses come in all types and what is more problematic than accounting for the interior square footage, is accounting for traffic flow through the space as well as cold air loss as doors are opened throughout the day. Captive Aire is the leader commercial air conditioners and if you are a business owner that wants to keep their customers and employees cool all season long, you need to consult with your nearest Captive Aire AC sales specialist right away.


When searching for Captive Aire AC service, the actual products are a bit hard to pin down. Their website only seems to offer the same system about eight times. This is probably due to the fact that Captive Aire specializes in customized units for individual businesses. The Electa Thaity 105-116 is the only product listed and it claims to be able to drastically cool the air within any business with integrated plant control systems within the unit itself. These units have the capacity to both heat and cool the space and expertly account for any temperature change due to opening and closing doors. For a more in depth look into the Captive Aire AC sales product line, be sure to consult you’re A/C contractor.

How to Purchase a Commercial System

Purchasing a residential AC unit is not much of a problem, but when purchasing a new unit for a business, there is quite a bit more to consider. You want your customers to always be comfortable while at your place of business and Captive Aire AC units can provide for that, but here are some tips to help you choose the unit that is right for your business along with the help of your HVAC contractor.

Noise – One of the most distracting aspect of any business is the noise level. Even if the noise does not affect the work being done, it does have an impact on your customer’s willingness to enter your establishment. A noisy cooling system might be perfect for your environment, but if the noise blocks out your ability to hear what the customer needs, it will have a negative impact on your business. Captive Aire units are able to be constructed to the needs of the business and therefore can be equipped with quieting technology to reduce the noise level within the building.

Efficiency – Businesses have a lot of expenses to contend with on a daily basis. Between labor, product costs, and the actual rent or mortgage on the space, there is little left. Cooling your business during the peak heat wave seasons can sometimes run the business owner up to 70% of their operating costs. That is a huge number and Captive Aire can help alleviate much of that. Your Captive Aire AC maintenance professional can help you locate problem areas to help increase the overall efficiency of the unit.

Maintenance – Maintaining any AC unit is very important, but when it comes to your business, a down system can cost you much more than the money to fix the problem. A customer walking into a hot business on a summer day will not stay within the building long enough to make a purchase. Having a cool spot for customers to come in and enjoy will keep them in the store longer and a well maintained Captive Aire unit will last for many years to come. The overall maintenance costs should always be on your mind when choosing a unit. Be sure that there is an A/C contractor close by that is able to maintain the unit for you and be there quickly when something goes wrong.

Where to Turn

If you intend on staying in business for any length of time, you have to have the right service people in place at all times. All Brands Corp AC is the only name you need to remember for your Captive Aire air conditioning maintenance, service, and repair needs. We have the skills and experience necessary to keep your cooling unit on track no matter how high the temperatures climb. We service all Captive Aire units along with all other types of air conditioning systems. There is no job too large, or too small for our team of highly skilled AC contractors at All Brands Corp AC. We will be there when you need us so visit our website or call us today and let us help you will all of your air conditioning needs, both residential and commercial.