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Bryant AC Services

AC Solutions for Every Homeowner

Air conditioning has become an essential part of homeownership. Although it is possible to live in a home without it, the occupants of that home will not be very happy about it. Finding the right residential AC unit for your home can be difficult but having a trusted HVAC contractor to rely on is essential. Brant air conditioning systems have proven to be among the best around and your local Bryant AC service professional is an excellent resource for getting the right system for your needs. Here is a little more about the products offered by the company.


Brant is a company that is always looking for ways to innovate the products they provide. Their air conditioning systems come in a range of different types and styles to fit the needs of all homeowners. SEER ratings for the brand range from the minimum of 13 all the way up to the highly energy efficient models boasting a 21 rating. As with all air conditioning brands on the market today, homeowners can choose a lower rating for a cheaper price or a higher rating for a higher price. The bonus of the higher rating enables the homeowner to save more on cooling bills throughout the life of the unit. Your local Bryant air conditioner sales professional can provide you with information on which is right for your needs.

Evolution Series – For the homeowner that wants to maximize their ability to lower cooling bills, the evolution series from Bryan offers the utmost in energy efficiency. All units within the series maintain between a 16 and 21 SEER rating. Within this series the homeowner is able to choose from three varieties of air conditioning systems. The variable speed, two stage, and single stage units are within the series and if you are unfamiliar with these different styles, it is recommended that you consult a trusted Brant AC sales professional before purchasing to ensure you get the right unit for your home.

Preferred Series –  Within the preferred series, homeowners can choose from both single and two stage units for the home. This series offers a good mix of up front affordability and energy efficiency with the units ranging in SEER rating from 13 to 17. As with all Brant air conditioning systems, the preferred series offers a quiet solution to your AC systems. The series also maintains some units that are only available in specific regions, so be sure to talk to your Brant A/C maintenance specialists before placing your order.

Legacy Series – Affordability of any unit is quite important for homeowners. The upfront cost of purchasing a new unit can be quite expensive and therefore some homeowners will have to utilize the base models within the Brant brand. The good thing however is that with Brant, all systems have to pass rigorous testing before they are able to be sold to customers. The Legacy series is the base model offered by the brand and these units only come in single stage varieties. Seer ratings for the systems range from 13 to 16. It is important to discuss the budget with your Bryant AC sales representative to ensure that you get the air conditioner you need for the price you can afford.

Common Bryant A/C Repair Issues

No matter which type of air conditioning system the homeowner chooses for their home, there will always be a need for maintenance. Having a trusted residential AC contractor on hand will enable the homeowner to stay ahead of major repairs by paying attention to the small issues. Common problems for the Bryant brand include coil systems failing due to leaks in the coil itself and compressor issues. Poor customer service has been reported as well and that is why you should find a local Bryant air conditioner service, maintenance, and repair service to help with issues related to the unit.

Where to Turn?

For the homeowner to say they need their system repaired is easy, but when it comes time to actually find a trusted repair person to handle the job, the task can be quite difficult. Knowing where to look is a key ingredient to ensuring that your unit is fixed the right way the first time. All Brands Corp AC is the company homeowners everywhere are raving about. They are the leading Bryant AC sales and service professionals you need for all of your cooling needs. All Brands Corp AC services not only Bryant units, but all air conditioning systems as well. Call us today or visit our website for more information on your cooling needs. Your family deserves the best and we are the best.