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Bosch AC Maintenance

Air conditioning might not be an essential thing when in the grand scheme of things, but having a home without an AC unit, especially in this climate, is truly a miserable way to exist. The solution is to have an air conditioning system that is not simply there but helps lower your utility bills. Bosch air conditioning units are some of the best options for homeowners today as the company is constantly looking for ways to improve their products to make them more beneficial to homeowners everywhere. Bosch AC unit sales continue to rise every year as the units become more advanced. If you’re the lucky owner of a Bosch AC unit, our AC/HVAC professionals at All Brands Corp. AC Inc. provide Bosch air conditioning maintenance services to keep it running all year long!



Bosch exclusively offers two different types of cooling units. The following are the two options to choose from; before you decide on a unit, though, always consult your local AC/HVAC contractor.

Single Room Air Conditioner – It’s not always necessary to cool an entire home. Some of the popular tiny homes do not require a large unit to keep the space cool in, even the hottest of climates. There also may be a use for a single room air conditioning system for additions to homes where the ductwork is unable to be run through the room itself. Bosch’s single room air conditioning system offers the homeowner the maximum amount of single space cooling ability from a trusted and reliable name in technology. The system is quite compact and maintains very few parts to have to replace and fix. Bosch AC unit service professionals, as well as homeowners, love the ease of maintenance as well as the affordability of replacing the entire unit when necessary.

Heat Pump – Most homeowners prefer a heat pump, the all-in-one system that heats and cools the home. It is the most economical choice for homes of standard size. Heat pump sales have truly taken off as the units offer between 20% and 50% savings on utility bills for most customers. The ease of use is a significant draw as well since the unit is controlled through a thermostat system inside the home. Changing from heat to cool is as simple as switching a button on the keypad. Provided that the filter is changed once per month along with the help of specific repair services for Bosch AC units, customers can expect their unit to last for many years.

Common Bosch AC Repair Issues

Most air conditioning companies are plagued with negative reviews about the systems and what problems they have with the product, but Bosch has largely escaped criticism of their units. The reason is that Bosch inspects all cooling units that leave the factory. They also work with innovative designs that allow for fewer parts than most other A/C manufacturers, which means that there is little maintenance required for the units and the parts last far past the original warranty. It is, however, always recommended that you follow the guidelines of use outlined by Bosch in order to keep your unit clear of objects to allow the system to properly drain and keep all filters changed at the recommended times. Our Bosch AC unit maintenance services help you keep your AC system in working order in case potential issues do arise.


Where to Turn for AC/HVAC Services

When there is no cool air coming through the vents, people tend to get desperate and call just any AC maintenance company without doing the research. AC contractors are everywhere, but it is always best to find a trusted company to service the unit you choose. All Brands Corp AC Inc. is the company for you. We offer customers an excellent reputation along with trained Bosch air conditioning unit maintenance professionals. We not only service the Bosch brand a vast number of air conditioning systems. There is no need to let your family suffer in unbearable heat when you have an experienced company like All Brands Corp. AC Inc.by your side. To find out more about our AC maintenance services for the Bosch brand or other AC brands, contact a specialist on our AC/HVAC team at 305-619-0650 today!


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*Post updated January 31, 2020*