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Airedale AC Repair

World Wide Air Conditioning Units

The number of air conditioning companies throughout the world is growing each year. As the demand for the service rises, so does the need for more systems. Airedale has been a part of the AC industry since 1974 and have proven to be among the top air conditioner manufacturers in the UK. However, their units are not only available in the UK, but all over the world. Airedale AC sales have soared in recent years as the company has branched out far beyond their native land and people are discovering the exceptional quality of the products manufactured by the company.


Unlike many other A/C companies throughout the world who primarily focus their attention on large scale units for residential use, Airedale offers a wide range of precision air conditioning solutions for the home. Their systems are state of the art and maximize energy efficiency. The focus tends to be on cooling one space rather than an entire home. Airedale air conditioning service professionals tend to point homeowners in the direction of these types of systems when their home happens to be a tiny home or an addition to the home simply needs to be cooled.

Smart Cool 11-233 -This innovative unit is not only easy to install and maintain by any HVAC contractor, it has won awards for the design and cooling capabilities. The 11-233 was voted Commercial Building Service Product of the Year in 2014 and has continued to maintain its status at the top of the industry. The unit itself offers up to 30% more cooling power than comparable units and is compact enough to fit into small spaces, so for those that live in tight quarters or have a small office to cool, this unit is ideal. Quieting technology allows the unit to run without the noise pollution of some other units on the market today and Airedale AC repair professionals love the fact that the system is easy to maintain and make repairs when needed.

Ecotel DX –  The need for air conditioning is not always on the inside of homes or businesses. There are times when outdoor shelters or cabins simply need some cool air moving through the air. The Ecotel DX is the perfect solution for these types of situations. The unit comes in five different models so the customer is able to choose the size and capacity desired. The Ecotel DX is a breeze to install as it is conveniently mounted on the wall with two hanging brackets, so there is no space taken up in even the smallest of areas. AC contractors have found that more of these units are being utilized as the summers temps continue to rise. There is no need to sweat all the fun away even in the outdoors, so call your Airedale AC sales professional today.

Inverter Compressor – A bulky air conditioning system can make your home feel cramped, but the style of the Inverter Compressor system allows for your air conditioner to blend into the background as the unit looks more like a cabinet than an A/C unit.  The portability of the unit allows for it to be placed anywhere in the home of office for the highest level of cooling ability. The easy access maintenance areas have made Airedale AC repair professionals happy as well as the unit is a breeze to maintain and access all components.

Common Airedale AC Maintenance Issues

As with all air conditioning systems on the market today, Airedale checks all units rigorously before they are allowed to leave the factory, but there have been some instances of common problems from the brand. The most common problems include the fan motor failing and the compressor going out before the warranty expires. Another complaint is that the warranty only covers the parts and not the labor, but when you have a trusted AC contractor there to help, these issues are not a problem. Take the time to find a licensed Airedale air conditioner service professional before you choose this brand. That way, no matter the issues you run into, you will have a trusted source to turn to.

Where to Turn

Finding the right Airedale AC sales, maintenance, and repair professional is often easier said than done, but if you want only the best for your family, there is only one name to remember, All Brands Corp AC. We have a reputation for excellence in regard to Airedale AC repair services as well as all other brands of air conditioner units. At All Brands Corp AC, we stand behind the expert services we provide to our customers and invite you to give us the opportunity to impress you with our knowledge of the industry. Call or visit our website today for more information.